Possible iOS 7 Game Controller Leaked

At Apple’s iOS 7 introduction last week, CEO Tim Cook made a vague reference to an official set of standards that manufacturers will be able to use to make game controllers for iOS devices. The situation is murky, however, because companies with early access to iOS 7 must sign a non-disclosure agreement. Over the weekend, Kotaku released what they promise is a photo of an upcoming iPhone controller made by Logitech.

Why is this exciting, when companies have been making iOS controllers for years? Because previous controllers, like the iCade seres, are third-party add-ons not officially supported by Apple. This lack of official support contributed to a feedback loop of developers not making their games compatible, which halted sales for the controllers.


Image courtesy of Kotaku.

That could all change with Apple’s new standard for official controllers. With controller compatibility built right into iOS 7, developers will be a lot more likely to make their games compatible. And with companies like Logitech building the controllers (like the one pictured above), we could see widespread sales among iOS gamers– particularly if/when Apple opens the Apple TV to game developers.

This could spell the beginning of an exciting new era for iOS gaming.

7 thoughts on “Possible iOS 7 Game Controller Leaked

  1. The only thing that holds most iOS games back are the controls, I can’t wait for a real controller for my iPad.

    • Is that a question? If you think the Duo is the same as what’s coming you need to read before making yourself look stupid.

      • Idiot! My question is, what will happen to the Duo, with the new IOS 7? that now will be compatible with all games ???

        • Why didn’t you say that first then moron. How am I the idiot when you are too stupid to post a full comment, your initial comment looks like something a caveman would write. Fire bad!!!!

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