Pocket God Lands Comic Book Deal

The most successful iPhone game of all time (followed ever so closely by Flight Control) is breaking free of the constraints of Apple’s 3.5 inch screen and is heading into the print world in the form of a new comic book series.

We’re not exactly sure how many comic-book-reading Pocket God fans there are out there (at first blush the two markets don’t really seem to overlap,) but Bolt Creative has still somehow managed to convince Ape Entertainment to publish the comic digitally, with a print version soon to follow.

‘Our goal is to expose some of the 2.1 million Pocket God fans to the world of comics,” said Brent E. Erwin of Ape Entertainment, “and conversely to introduce comic book fans to the world of Pocket God with this fun and exciting endeavor.”

Pocket God was the first iPhone game ever to sell more than two million copies. It appeared on the App Store in June 2009, and has consistently held a place in the top 20 downloads ever since.

We want to know: how many of you are Pocket God fans, and if you are, would you consider buying a Pocket God monthly comic?

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