Breaking News: PlayFirst Releases Diner Dash iPhone

We just got word that casual games publisher PlayFirst has set Flo the restaurateur loose on the App Store. Here are the details from the press release:

“Diner Dash, the bestselling casual game by PlayFirst, launched today on the iPhone App Store.

PlayFirst’s CEO, John Welch is excited about the impact the iPhone will have on casual games, saying: ‘Apple has effected a profound market change with the iPhone and its App Store’”it enables hundreds of thousands of developers to unleash their creativity directly to a mass consumer audience, for the first time with no ‘permission’ from mobile carriers.’

He also says that ‘this is the opportunity we have been waiting for in mobile’”the device is a perfect match for PlayFirst content’”a “just right” ecosystem to deliver our innovative catalog of casual games.’

A month ago everyone wanted to talk about social games and platforms like Facebook, but PlayFirst believes that iPhone will have a much bigger impact on the mass market opportunity for games than social networks.”

Additional details from the App Store:

* 50 fast-paced levels

* 6 types of customer

* 2 modes of play

Welch’s point about the iPhone being a perfect venue for PlayFirst content is interesting; most PC casual games like Diner Dash are played solely with a mouse, meaning that they don’t require much in the way of modification when ported to the iPhone. We expect that the other big players in the casual games space, like Oberon Media, Big Fish Games, and Sandlot Games, aren’t far behind PlayFirst.

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