Plants vs Zombies 2 Coming Early Summer

The thing about zombies is that they always come back. In fact, their relentlessness is their sole talent aside from cracking open skulls and sucking out brains with the deftness of a squirrel working a walnut. That’s why no one was really surprised to learn that PopCap is working on Plants vs Zombies 2, but now we have a time frame for its release: “early summer.”


The news about the follow-up to PopCap’s hit tower defense game comes courtesy of a press release that was distributed earlier this week. The press release focuses primarily on the upcoming beta launch of Plants vs Zombies Adventures, a social/Facebook adaptation of the franchise, but there are a couple of tidbits about Plants vs Zombies 2 threaded in the copy.

We still know very little about the game, but it’s safe to bet on new zombies, new plants, and new battlegrounds. You can also count on the zombies to trample all over your freshly-seeded lawn. They’re kind of rude.

6 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies 2 Coming Early Summer

  1. hate freemiun I found out all of the games I’ve liked and wasted time getting and trying were freemium. they end up being online and money grabbers or need to have energy or wait this long to do something. to me thats like putting a facebook game on mobile… Forget it I won’t even waste my time, space and effort. I still have the HD P vs Z version on my iPad and I love it and all the stuff they have stuffed into it! I don’t care if this is a sequel it will never beat the first offline, stuffed to a brim 6$ P vs Z. I think it’s worth to pay, other wise it probbly will end up like all the online money grabbing apps.just like sims Freeplay. Premium games are made so much better. it’s worth trying to save some cash for a iTunes card once in a while to buy a game or app!

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