Paramount Releases First Two iPhone Games

We’ve got some Iron Man video up; check it out. Yes, it’s every bit as crazy as it looks.

As we saw recently with Cartoon Network and Warner Bros., it’s not just games publishers getting in on the iPhone gaming scene; big media companies are also starting to wake up to the possibilities afforded by the App Store. Paramount Digital Entertainment is the latest newcomer–and Saturday Night Fever: Dance! and Iron Man: Aerial Assault are the results.

Saturday Night Fever: Dance! is a $4.99 rhythm game based on the John Travolta star vehicle from 1977. Details from the App Store page:

  • Advanced Touch Interface – Tap and slide to the beat as you master hundreds of dance moves.
  • Dance to the Disco Era’s Biggest Hits – “YMCA”, “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb, “Car Wash” by Rose Royce, and “Love Machine” by The Miracles
  • Multiple Playable Dancers ‘“ Choose 1 of 2 dancers, each with their own threads and booty shakin’ dance moves that fit your style
  • Go head-to-head – Own the Disco Floor as you improve your skills or boogie down with up to three of your friends on a single device

More on SNF’s multiplayer modes from the press release:

“There are two bonus features that enable multi-player modes beginning with a special Wifi feature that enables two players to synch-up and have their own dance-off from their individual devices in a tug-of-war-style manner. Additionally, there is a hotseat mode that allows up to four players to compete by taking turns and passing the device off to one another. Each player, in sequence, is allowed to chose a character and play to the same song while the game keeps track of each player’s scores.”

Iron Man: Aerial Assault is a $7.99 action game that drops you into Tony Stark’s armored boots for some dogfighting craziness. The App Store page says:

  • The latest technology: IRON MAN: AERIAL ASSAULT pushes the iPhone and iPod Touch’s accelerometer and touch functions to new levels of game-play.
  • High Altitude Battles: Engage a variety of menacing enemies in mid-flight through a series of melee combat quick-time events. Battle through 12 levels as you gain precision flying and shooting skills.
  • Explosive State-of-the-Art Weapons: Including repulsor blasts, lasers, missiles and IRON MAN’S distinctive Unibeam. Arsenal buttons fire weapons with the touch of a thumb.

We’ll work to put up videos of these new games ASAP.

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