Pac-Man Championship Edition Out Now

We’re pleased as punch that Pac-Man Championship Edition is now available for your iPhone! We’ve been playing this one all week, and while the DLC is a bummer, the launch price of $2.99 is super-sweet for the initial batch of levels.

In the first set of levels, you get 5 Championship boards (which last five minutes each and are highly replayable) and 20 missions (which last only 1 minute or so, max, and you will need to beat three times with harder parameters to master). The downloadable content costs another $3.99 and will give you 10 more championship boards and 100 (!) more missions.

Check out this hands-on video, and tell us that Disco Pac-Man (as we’ve taken to calling it) doesn’t look mighty appealing. Now, bring on the online high scores, Namco!

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