Order & Chaos Online Accounts Hacked

If you have played Order & Chaos Online, Gameloft’s take on World of Warcraft, it’s time to change your password. Earlier today on the game’s official forums, word got out that some accounts had been hacked, and our friends over at Pocket Gamer have confirmed the situation with Gameloft. There’s no word on how many people this affects or how it happened, but Gameloft says they’re looking into it.

Nearly every Gameloft game with an online component also uses the Gameloft Live service, but at this time no other games seem to have been affected by the security breach. But even if you don’t play Order & Chaos Online, now is a good time to change your password if you have a Gameloft Live account. Better that than to potentially lose all the experience points you gained in Modern Combat 2 by mastering the art of the headshot.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

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