Ngmoco Shutting Down Servers for Several Games

Developer Ngmoco has announced that on March 31 they will be shutting down servers for We Rule, GodFinger, Touch Pets Cats, and Touch Pets Dogs 2. Because those games are server-based, that means you won’t be able to play them at all following the shutdown.

All of the affected games will be removed from the App Store on February 1, so if you want to build a town, create worshippers, or own a digital pet, you’d better download the games now. They’ve already shut down in-app purchases in all of the titles, presumably to stop people from buying currency, not using it, and complaining about it. If you have any currency left in those games, make sure to use it soon, or it will be gone forever on March 31.

  • pholly

    Freemium is the future of gaming, yeah right. Maybe the suckers who actually paid real money for digital goods they can no longer access will learn something.

  • Emily

    I think that people should make things fair

  • Emily

    I think that the peopl who made up the game just whant money

  • Emily

    People are just bitches

  • Emily

    I used to have this game!

  • Emily

    Your the sucker pholly!

  • That’s not fair

    So I will never be able to play ever again or are they just working on the game?