New Trailers: Space Hulk, Pirate Legends, and Dying: Sinner Escape

To give you a glimpse of the latest highly-anticipated games on iOS, we’ve gathered together three impressive trailers. Click ahead to see space marines fight aliens in Space Hulk, tower-defense with pirates in Pirate Legends, and the first-person horror adventure game, Dying: Sinner Escape.

Space Hulk

Space Hulk is a classic tabletop game that’s available now on Steam as a turn-based strategy/ action shooter from Full Control, the creators of Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising. It’ll be available on iOS later this year, but this trailer will give you a sense of the claustrophobic corridors and fearsome gene-stealers you’ll face. Check out our hands-on preview for more info about this frightening addition to the App Store.

Pirate Legends

The Dublin-based developer Superhippo has just launched Pirate Legends, a tower defense game starring plunder-hungry pirates. The visuals in Pirate Legends look a lot more cartoony than most tower defense games, so if you’re a fan of Kingdom Rush, this one also looks like it’s worth playing.

Dying: Sinner Escape

If you enjoy Silent Hill and other freaky adventure games, you’ll probably also want to check out Dying: Sinner Escape. The trailer features dingy, unsettling environments, plus 3D puzzles and a haunting storyline. Dying: Sinner Escape just launched on the App Store this week.

2 thoughts on “New Trailers: Space Hulk, Pirate Legends, and Dying: Sinner Escape

  1. “Space-Hulk” (WTH?) … @ 1st I was intrigued/curious, thinking The Hulk in space? … But no, no … waay off here. My confused excitement has been replaced with total disappointment and a YAWN!
    “HULK, smash puny outer-space video game!”

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