New Trailer and Screens for Sniper vs. Sniper Online

It’s our sincere hope that Sniper vs. Sniper is not as bumbling as the Spy vs. Spy comics from Mad Magazine. We prefer our hired guns to be professionals, not cartoons. After all, the idea of an intense, frantic sweep of the scenery through a scope sounds like a lot of fun, especially online, and we’d expect this concept to be given some serious treatment.

To that end, we’ve got some newly-released screenshots and a trailer for Sniper vs. Sniper Online. If the final game delivers online sniper battles with the same ease as Com2Us’s previous online game Homerun Battle, we’ll be very impressed.

We’re told that Sniper vs Sniper will have a 6-mission single player mode, upgradeable gear, 5 environments, and includes a friends list and online chat.

Enjoy these screens and video, and we’ll try to get you more on Sniper vs Sniper Online soon. The full game comes out in October.

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