New Screenshots and Developer Video Released for Republique

Developer Camouflaj has just released a developer video and new screenshots of their great-looking stealth action game République. The game, you may recall, earned over half a million dollars last year in a Kickstarter campaign. Watch the video and check out the screenshots below.

The game takes place in a world of “censorship, voyerism, and paranoia,” according to the developers. Using things like surveillance cameras, you direct a woman named Hope as she attempts to escape a mysterious facility headed by a Big Brother-like character called the Overseer.

République is being made by developers who also worked on games like Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and Uncharted. It will feature voice acting from David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, and Jennifer Hale, who voiced the female Commander Shepherd in the Mass Effect series.

Look for République on iOS later this summer, with PC and Mac versions to follow soon after.





  • Erik Carlson

    Those screenshots look AMAZING. I’m assuming iPad only?

    • Matt Curtis

      From the KickStarter it said iPad and iPhone, so here’s to hoping!

  • Gekko12

    This game looks amazing, I really hope my 4S can run it smoothly, because NOVA 3 barely works on my phone.

    • Matt Curtis

      I played it on an iPod Touch 4, and it ran fine.

      • Mcginnis

        Nova 3 barely works on my iPad 1 and and it runs very choppy on my 4S. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen for the graphically intensive Republiquue.

        • Matt Curtis

          Odd. Well, they seem to be refining it beyond belief, so I’ll hope so. In any case, it’s coming out in the early or latter part of the summer, and by then a new device will probably have released, or I’ll have gotten an iPhone 5.

          But I’m still perplexed as to why it ran slowly on your devices when I had little to no problems with it on my 4.

          • Erik Carlson

            Yeah, this seems odd. NOVA 3 runs flawlessly on my 4S and iPad2…which are devices that will still be relevant for probably another year or so.

  • Jeremey Branch

    I also have a 4s, I really hope I can run this game too.

  • Matt Curtis

    This looks absolutely fantastic. I don’t care how long it takes to come out – looks like whenever it does it’ll be amazing.

  • Manuel Landa

    Great! I was wondering what had happened tot his game! It’s good to know they’re still working on it.