New Screenshots for Brothers In Arms 3

Earlier today, Gameloft published the first screenshots for its upcoming third-person shooter, Brothers In Arms 3. Click the jump to take a look.






Not much else is known about Brothers in Arms 3 at this point, though it appears to take place during the second World War. Presumably, you will find brotherly comradeship with other soldiers. And they will be armed.

Brothers in Arms 3 is likely destined for iOS and Android. Check out our reviews for Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Global Front.

[via Gameloft's Facebook]

  • Walt Barna

    Hey Nadia, I think it’s a third person shooter, not an FPS

    • Nadia Oxford

      You’re absolutely right. E3 done gone shook-up my brain juices.

  • Timlangley

    I doubt this game will support the $100 duo gamer I bought!