New Minigore Character Revealed

We’ve got the first actual screenshot of the newest guest star character to join the Minigore family for episode 4. Minigore’s developers love to bring in guest stars from other games, but for a clue to who this guy is, all they’ve said is that he wears a green cap (which you can see here in a TA teaser). We can only think of one video game character who wears a green cap, and the Minigore guest pictured above doesn’t look like he’d be searching for pieces of the Triforce anytime soon.

Dual wielding weapons will be another addition for Episode 4, which is sure to add a lot to the already intense pace of the popular series. Developer Timo Vihola explained to us that after releasing their popular first episode, they needed to go back and do a major revamping of their programming.

What had been developed for the sole character of John Gore, they now wanted to expand and be able to contain much more. “We had to figure out a system that wouldn’t break even if we add 60 characters, 40 guns, 30 items,” says Timo. “The new system is that and then some. We can change items on one hand while changing weapon on the other hand– regardless of the character.”

This new character with the green cap will join Lizzy and Ninja Man from the iPhone game Sway, also making their guest appearances in episode 4. But hey, if you can’t wait that long, check out this hilariously badassed trailer for the soon to be released episode 3, featuring Santa! Meanwhile, let us know in the comments if you can figure out who the green-capped guest star is.

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