New Ghostbusters Game Released for iOS

We have good news for all children of the ’80s: A new Ghostbusters game has just been released on the App Store. It’s a universal app, it’s just called Ghostbusters, and it’s free to download. You can grab it here.

The game was made by Beeline Interactive, who you may know as the developer behind Smurfs’ Village. In Ghostbusters, you manage the team of do-gooders as they try to rid the city of all paranormal activity. The overarching goal of the game is to make your way up a tower to fight the main villain at the top– however, each floor is sealed off with slime. To get past the slime, you need to find hauntings around the city and eliminate them to collect slime samples and level up your team.

We’ve been playing the game this morning, and the battles seem more strategic than in some other freemium games. As the ghosts come at you, you need to direct each member of your team toward the one you want to fight. When a ghost’s health becomes low enough, you have a limited window of time to throw a trap and capture it. Each Ghostbuster also has a special move you can use, like healing the team, or stunning a ghost.

As you play, you do research on each type of ghost you capture and develop new equipment and technology to use in your battles. All of this takes real-life time to progress, but you can spend power cells to speed things along. You also have a running list of achievements (like “bust 6 lab rats” and “collect $6,000″) that reward you with money.

We’re enjoying the game so far, so if you have an affinity for the Ghostbusters franchise, or you’re looking for a freemium game with a little bit of depth, Ghostbusters is a good game to try.

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