New Battle Bears Games Announced

We’ve managed to get a few extra tidbits of information on Battle Bears: GO! as well as some interesting history on how both new games came to be. Read on after the break for that and the target release date.

Originally, Battle Bears -1 was going to be a top-down shooter for the iPhone. However, they soon noticed that it was too difficult to control on the iPhone and switched that game to the iPad. As Benjamin Vu at SkyVu Pictures tells us, “On an iPad-sized screen this was not an issue, but on an iPhone it felt like controlling ants.” They then went back to the drawing board and made Battle Bears -1 a third-person shooter.

Battle Bears: GO! doesn’t follow a storyline like the other two, but instead is an arcade game in the style of Smash TV. There will be local multiplayer as well, which seems to be a growing trend on the iPad.

Benjamin tells us that SkyVu is aiming to release both games around Memorial Day weekend. Again, we should have a chance to take a further look at both in the near future.

We were big fans of the original 3D shooting gallery iteration of Battle Bears when it launched last August. Now developer SkyVu Pictures is bringing their team of bad-ass bears back in two new games, both in new genres.

Battle Bears -1, a third-person shooter, acts as a prequel to Battle Bears where you play as the returning hero, Oliver, as he travels through outer space with the rest of the team on their starship, Ursa Major. SkyVu also tells us that you will be able to play as Battle Bears captain Riggs, who you meet at the end of Battle Bears.

The other is an iPad-exclusive top-down shooter that goes by the name of Battle Bears: GO! We don’t have any more details on the game at this time.

We should have a chance to go hands-on with both games soon, so check back for more information. Also worth noting is that today, the original Battle Bears is available free of charge through Free App A Day. For free, there is no reason not to check out this must-have title.

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