New App A Day: Solomon’s Boneyard

Today’s featured new game is from the creator of Solomon’s Keep. In this prequel, you control a wizard in a hopeless survival situation, blasting hundreds of skeletons and zombies until they overtake you.

Solomon’s Boneyard starts off by letting you pick from four different wizards, each with their own attack specialty. More wizards are available to unlock later in the game as well. In addition to the same set of spells from Solomon’s Keep (lightning, fireballs, and magic missiles) there is a new attack, a blast of icy magic that looks like it belongs in a breath mint commercial.

The best part of Solomon’s Keep was leveling up and choosing from your random upgrades, and Solomon’s Boneyard delivers the exact same mechanic, but this time in a high-score game. Every few minutes you’ll level up and customize your character, adding more power to your attacks or boosting your magic and health bars. When you die, these upgrades will all reset.

Between games, you can use the coins you pick up to unlock permanent perks, like magic rings. This is also where you can unlock new wizards, but from what we’ve played it takes an awful lot of gold to unlock anything good.

OpenFeint leaderboards put in an appearance, and the new graveyard environment is impressive, especially the way your staff’s light casts shadows on the ground from the tombstones. If you love Solomon’s Keep as much as we do, we don’t think you should hesitate to buy this 99-cent gem. Check back soon for our full review.

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