New App A Day: Slice It!

Today’s featured game is the latest release from Com2Us, a company known for making Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone and Homerun Battle 3D. Like many successful puzzle games, Slice It! has a simple-as-pie hook that becomes more and more brain-racking as you progress.

Slice It! is all about dividing shapes into equal parts. Each stage takes place– in the grand tradition of the doodle genre– on grid paper. The computer draws a shape, and your task is to draw lines through the shape to slice it into equal pieces. How many pieces you’re trying to create varies, as does the number of lines you must draw to make them.

The computer then calculates the percentage of the total area in each of your pieces, and you are awarded up to five stars for how close to equal your pieces are. If any of the pieces are too small, you fail the level and have to try again.

We’ve played Slice It! for a half hour, but we only intended to give it five minutes, which speaks to the game’s immediate addictive quality. It’s also great to see a universal app for such a low price. Our main complaint so far is that a finger is much fatter than a pencil point, so it often takes a few tries to get your cuts to go precisely where you’re trying to put them. When that happens, the “undo” button is a godsend.

Despite that, we can definitely recommend Slice It! for fans of geometry, or anyone who likes unique, addictive puzzle games.

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