New App A Day: Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

Crescent Moon, whose last big RPG release on the iPhone was the Oblivion-style Ravensword, has teamed up with Dicework Games to release Rimelands: Hammer of Thor, and it’s our latest featured app.

Rimelands, as you may know from our hands-on preview and developer interview, is a turn-based RPG with a 3/4 isometric perspective and dice-rolling combat. Each dice can result in hits, blocks, and blanks, and the more you level up, the more dice you get for certain specialties. For example, you’ll have a different amount of dice for magic, ranged, and melee attacks and defense.

In our first few hours with Rimelands, we plumbed the depths of cavernous vaults in the first few areas of the game, unearthing valuable loot like a Holy Hammer and Wheelgun. We also took a couple main quests from Grandma, plus some side quests that involved finding a lost diary and exacting revenge on a fellow treasure hunter who betrayed us.

We’re still early in the game, but we’ll be bringing you a full review of Rimelands after the long weekend. For now, we can say that if you love RPGs and especially turn-based Western RPGs, this is definitely a game to buy.

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