New App A Day: Lite-Brite

Today’s featured app is brought to you by the letters E and A. Since 1967, children worldwide have been shoved off into corners to be entertained by the magical multi-colored glowing box that is Lite-Brite. Finally, this beloved toy has landed on the iPhone.

On the plus side, with the app version there’s no need to buy paper refills, and no threat of having a spear-shaped piece of plastic lodged in the bottom of your foot as you walk by the play area. But the touchscreen totally loses the tactile experience of poking holes in paper, and that was half the fun of the real thing.

You get three modes in Lite-Brite: template, animation, and free draw. Everyone who used the real thing is familiar with the template mode, where you’re presented with patterns that tell you where to put pegs to complete a picture. Finishing quickly earns you trophies that unlock different colored pegs.

Animation mode lets you create flipbook-style animations, while free draw mode lets you loose on a blank slate. You can erase, pinch to zoom, and save your masterpieces to tinker with later, but the whole game feels very limited by the tiny 3.5 inch screen. An iPad version seems like a no-brainer, but it doesn’t exist yet (unless you count the shameless clone BriteLite HD).

However, if you have a child and you want to share a part of your childhood without worrying about the whole choking hazard thing, this app might do the trick.

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