New App A Day: Lamp of Aladdin for iPad

The story of Aladdin and his genie-filled lamp has been told many times, but never, to our knowledge, in the form of a Match-3/ hidden object game. As it turns out, these two genres compliment each other nicely, making Lamp of Aladdin an enjoyable experience for anyone in the family (except maybe the mopey teen, who will think it’s too childish).

Each level starts with a beautifully painted hidden object puzzle. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see four items that have been broken into pieces and scattered around the painting. Once you locate all the pieces of an item, you’ll be able to use that item to manipulate the scene. For instance, one of the items might be a weight, and once you assemble the weight you’ll have to hang it on a hook to open a curtain, which will reveal pieces of the other items.

The rest of each level is made up of a series of Match-3 puzzles. In these, a tiny Aladdin is trying to make his way along a path through a grid of gems. To unblock the path, you must shuffle gems around to form lines of three of the same color. Doing this over Aladdin’s blocked path opens up the route, allowing him to progress. It’s a very typical Match-3 game, but helping Aladdin make his way through it freshens the gameplay somewhat.

So far, we’re enjoying Lamp of Aladdin quite a bit. The high production values are evident in the art and in the mostly spot-on voice acting between levels. The game seems primarily aimed at kids and casual gamers, but even hardcore folks will probably find something to enjoy here. If you have an iPad and a few extra bucks, you might want to pick it up.

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