New App A Day: Great Adventures for iPad

Do you enjoy the Sims, but wish it packed more mystery and excitement? Do you like adventure games but find it weird that the characters never have to eat or sleep? Then Great Adventures was practically made for you. Today’s featured app is an iPad game that delivers a surprisingly compelling mystery story while making you tend to the characters’ health and well being.

The tale kicks off as two friends are stranded at a hotel in a snowstorm. They’re there to find out what happened to the female’s father, who called from the hotel saying he was in trouble, and hasn’t been heard from since. With no way to leave and no help on the way, it’s up to them to figure out what’s going on.

You take control of these characters (with the aid of a talking dog who shows you how to play) and guide them every step of the way. The game is littered with baby-step checkpoints like “find the key,” “open the door,” “shovel the snow,” “turn on the TV.” To achieve some of the goals, you’ll have to search your surroundings to find the necessary tools. Others require puzzle solving. All the while you’ll have to monitor your characters’ food, rest, and fun meters in order to keep them on their toes. Ignoring these makes them complain and work slower.

The graphics are pretty and crisp on the iPad’s big screen, and the mystery storyline seems quite interesting to us so far. If a Sims-like adventure game sounds intriguing to you, pick this one up.

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