MotoHeroz and Flick Kick Football are Free Today

When it comes to deals, is there a better videogame market than the App Store? We don’t think so. If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll probably want to download Flick Kick Football and MotoHeroz, because they’re both good games, and they’re both free today.

The sport in Flick Kick Football is actually soccer, but don’t let that scare you away even if you don’t care much for the low-scoring, hyper-popular sport. Succeeding in this game is less about footwork and more about finger control. You flick your finger across the screen, and the soccer ball goes flying. Master the nuances, and you’ll go far, young padawan. Read our full review and download the game here.

MotoHeroz was made by the talented folks behind the Trials series on Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a similar game, too, which means you’ll have to traverse crazy obstacle courses without breaking your neck. It’s no cakewalk, though, so brace yourself for a challenge. If you can handle it, read our full review and download the game here.

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