More Details About Gameloft’s My Little Pony Game Surface

Stop. Pony Time. Earlier, Gameloft distributed screenshots of the upcoming My Little Pony city-building game for iOS. Take a look to catch a glimpse of what the Mane Six look like in-game. There’s also a sneak peek of another minigame (apple pickin, y’all!)

If the Internet has a spirit animal, it probably goes on four legs, has a cutie mark, and is really into stuff like friendship and magic. Hasbro’s latest run of the My Little Pony series is phenomenally successful, so when Gameloft broke the news that it’s hard at work on a Pony game, nobody was particularly surprised. Over the weekend, Gameloft shared the first details on the structure of the title. How do you feel about building your own Ponyville?

Yes, My Little Pony (possibly a temporary game title) is a city-building game. Your job is to build your own suburb of Ponyville with the aid of the Mane Six and a selection of buildings and structures that should be familiar to you if you’re a fan of the show. Some familiar landmarks include Mr and Mrs Cake’s sweet shop, Cloudsdale (home of the pegasi), the schoolhouse, and City Hall.

Many of Ponyville’s original residents will be over to visit your new home, and will even play minigames with you. Rainbow Dash stars in a racing minigame alongside one of her idols from the Wonderbolts stunt crew.

There’s no word yet on when My Little Pony is going to hit iOS, but we expect its landing will cause a Sonic Rainboom to blossom across the sky.

[via Gameloft’s blog]

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