‘Modern Combat 5′ to Look Extra Good on Newer Devices

To help make sure we don’t forget it’s heading our way “this summer,” Gameloft has dropped us a line to key us in on some hot new graphical effects they’re packing into Modern Combat 5: Blackout. But for all the extra hotness to show up on your screen, you have to be rocking a “higher end” device, which probably means a latest-edition iPhone or iPad. For a glimpse of what they’re talking about, read on.

Gameloft is one of the companies that’s been pushing the limits of the graphics iOS devices are capable of delivering since very early on in the App Store’s life. The key to the new graphical shine is Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, or SSAO. Basically, it makes shadows look better. Here’s a before and after.

Without SSAO

Without SSAO



It’s a subtle effect, but it does make the shadows in the corners of the room pop a little more. Hopefully that won’t obscure anyone’s view during the game’s shooting action.

In addition to shadows, here’s a rundown of the other graphical improvements they’ve baked into Modern Combat 5:

•             Eye adaptation & Bloom – exposure adjusts in a more realistic manner when moving between light and dark areas

•             Soft particles – improved interactions of particles with surrounding geometry

•             Underwater distort and caustics – reproduces realistic water effects

•             Real-time character shadows – characters cast shadows on geometry in real time

•             Heat-haze – air distortion due to muzzle heating after shooting

•             Depth of Field – cinematic effect that makes the background appear out of focus so that certain characters or objects in the foreground step more into focus

•             And many more: Reflection ground, Color correction, Specular effects and so on.

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