Mitt Romney Presidential App Misspells America

Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign has now updated their official With Mitt app. Version 1.0.1 offers “bug fixes”, but the only one we can see is that the misspelled “A Better Amercia” image has been removed. But the question remains– who actually made Romney’s app?

Putting aside the false App Store update description (it’s a typo, not a bug), we’re left wondering who it was that let the app go live with such a critical misspelling. After all, this is a campaign that holds images and expressions of Americana sacrosanct.

We may not cover politics very often on Slide To Play, but we do cover the ways apps are used to market products, people, and ideas. We want to find out exactly how this goof happened, and we’ll let you know what we learn.

In other Typogate news, last night Stephen Colbert took a few digs at the Romney team’s big goof. Here’s the segment with him discussing the app and leading a rousing rendition of “Amercia the Beautiful”.

This week, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign released an official iPhone app called With Mitt that allows users to take a photo and add a custom frame expressing their support. However, one of the photo frames has a crucial typo: Romney’s app pledges support for “A Better Amercia.”

It’s an important warning and reminder to marketers who want to use the success and viral nature of promotional apps to their advantage– double-check your spelling. The 2012 election will be decided on bigger issues than this, but misspelling the name of the country you’re running to lead may give some voters pause.

The Romney campaign told the political news blog Talking Points Memo that they are waiting on Apple to approve of an update to the app that will fix the typo.

[Via TPM]

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