Minecraft – Pocket Edition To Be Updated Next Month

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition hit the App Store, we were pretty disappointed. It felt unfinished and under-featured, but fortunately the folks at Mojang feel the same way. We’ll be seeing some big changes to the app sometime in February. Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan wrote in a blog today that the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update will include ‘animals and new blocks,’ as well as lay the ‘foundation for survival [mode].’

It seems like they’ve responded well to the community and understand that people want an experience more comparable to Minecraft proper. They say that they originally set out to make the Pocket Edition a lot like Creative mode, but audience feedback would indicate that people want something else. This update will not introduce crafting to the game just yet, but we’re eager to see the direction Minecraft: Pocket Edition will take.

[Via Mojang.com]

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