Low Grav Racer Glides Onto App Store

Cobra Mobile’s Low Grav Racer is on sale for $5.99 on the App Store, and Cobra’s Mark Ettle sent us a big batch of screens, a press release, and some video to mark the occasion.

From the press release:

“…On initial launch Low Grav Racer will feature 12 planet based tracks with additional new tracks being added to the game over the coming months.

Set in the far future, mankind has spread throughout the solar system, terra’forming planets and moons such as Mars and Titan and edging ever farther to the depths of space. The spirit of the Wild West is alive and well in this new frontier however, so is the profiteering and the danger. The largest of the independent Space Corporations have developed a number of extreme ‘˜space sports’ for entertainment and gambling; Low Gravity Racing is the number one sport. It is a dangerous but speedy way for brave or just plain crazy pilots to make a name for themselves and get rich quick.”

And the trailer:

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