ngmoco’s LiveFire project now called KillTest, trailer released

ngmoco just updated its site with a teaser blurb on the KillTest video: “The official name of our FPS may still be a secret, but that has not stopped Arsenal Megacorp from leaking critical insights into its Experimental Combat Systems. Stage 2 (known as KillTest) is now live on, and it features our debut trailer.”

So, we were wrong. For the moment, KillTest is just what it sounds like–a “test” name for a killer-looking game. The post mentions that “Stage 3″ of ngmoco’s info drop will occur soon, hopefully with additional details.

Last week at WWDC we got some hands-on time with ngmoco’s upcoming first-person shooter, codenamed “LiveFire.”

Since then, ngmoco’s released a new gameplay trailer (originally on GameTrailers), showing off the game’s deathmatch craziness. Video after the jump!

According to the video, the game’s now titled Kill Test; the battle also kicks off with a text message challenge, highlighting the game’s 4-player over-the-air multiplayer using 3G and WiFi.

We’re still not exactly sure when KillTest will be out (sometime this summer is the closest we can say), or at what price, but we’ll be putting up new info as soon as we get it.

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