Lima Sky: Doodle Jump Will Beat PopCap to 4 Million

It’s worth pointing out (for the sake of our lawyers) that Lima Sky’s Igor Pusenjak isn’t being entirely serious when he claims Doodle Jump will ‘beat PopCap’ to 4 million. Still, his statement is testament to just how well Doodle Jump is doing on the App Store.

Just over a week ago, Doodle Jump smashed through the 3 million sales barrier on the App Store. Its publisher claimed that this feat made the game the most successful release from an independent developer currently on the iPhone.

PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies can’t be far behind, since it became the fastest selling game in the App Store’s history back in February when it was downloaded more than 300,000 times in just nine days.

In an interview with PocketGamer, Pusenjak says regular updates have been the key to Doodle Jump’s success, and may well ensure that it hits that 4 million milestone soon.

“We dropped out of the US top 100 chart in the summer. It would have been easy to give up but we decided to push it and do the Pocket God thing and regularly update Doodle Jump,” said Pusenjak.

“I’ve been trying to work out who’s going to be first to 4 million. I think we’ll beat PopCap,” he added, somewhat jokingly.

It would seem there are still updates aplenty in line for Doodle Jump, as Pusenjak told the site that he prefers the model of ‘doing a minimal release and then adding more content”.

“It drives activity as people want to see what’s new and it encourages them back to play the game. Bigger developers and publishers just don’t get constant updates. For some reason it’s not the way they can work. Only the smaller developers seem to care enough.”

Success breeds competition, however. Pusenjak’s comments were published on the same day Apple approved what can only be described as a blatant Doodle Jump clone for release. Doodle Jumper, developed by CoolGame Studios, is available for sale on the App Store as we speak, and its creators describe it as “the best doodle game” out there.

Forget PopCap, Pusenjak; we’ll happily bet our mortgage on Doodle Jump beating this unwittingly close cousin to the 4 million marker.

[Via PocketGamer]

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