Launch Date Announced for Plants vs Zombies

Here’s a nice surprise for PvZ fans: PopCap has confirmed that the iPhone version will cost just $2.99. We’ll have our day-one review of PvZ as soon as it launches.

One of the most highly anticipated iPhone games will be available sooner than you might think. We’ve just received word that PopCap’s port of the world’s first “flower defense” game will be arriving in just under a week. To be more specific: February 15, 2010.

If you’re not excited for Plants Vs Zombies, then you may want to check your pulse, because it was last year’s most endearing, personality-filled game, and now it’s headed for our favorite portable system.

PvZ features dozens of lovable, hilarious zombie varieties attempting to enter a house to eat the owner’s brains. Your only defense is horticulture! You must plant a huge variety of flora, each with special abilities, to fend off the zombie invasion.

The launch trailer is below. Enjoy!

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