Konami Announces Silent Scope For iPhone

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced today the upcoming release of an iPhone version of its arcade shooter Silent Scope. Originally released in 1999, the game puts players in the shoes of the world’s best sniper, tasked with rescuing the First Family from terrorists in Chicago.

Silent Scope is a rails shooter, guiding the player through a fixed path like so many other arcade shooters back in the day (Remember arcades?). Konami says the game is “designed to take full advantage of Apple’s innovative Multi-Touch user interface” by using tap-to-shoot controls.

This version will feature both a Training Mode and Arcade Mode, which features the Story, Shooting Gallery or Time Attack.

“With the release of Silent Scope on the iPhone and iPod touch, we’re substantiating our commitment to developing quality content that takes our top franchise titles and turns them into an on-the-go gaming experience,” said Anthony Borquez, Vice President of Konami Mobile and Online. “Silent Scope allows players to conceal their firearms and perfect their sharpshooting skills wherever they go.”

No word on an actual release date, but stay tuned to Slide To Play for an update.

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