Kickstarter Roundup: Spies, Goblins, and More

Anyone who follows the games industry knows that Kickstarter has revolutionized the way some games are funded. iOS games are no different, so we thought we’d highlight some games that stood out to us in a new feature called Kickstarter Roundup. Read on to see what interesting Kickstarters projects for iOS games are going on now.

Codename Cygnus

Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama. It’s an audio-focused game that puts you in the shoes of a spy and lets you make decisions about what your character does as the story progresses. They’re keeping their lips sealed about the specifics of the story, but it looks pretty cool so far. If the game is successfully funded, it will be released in weekly episodes.

Time Left: 13 Days
Kickstarter Page

Wars and Battles

Wars and Battles is a turn-based strategy game that recreates real-life historical battles. The plan is to launch with Gettysburg and Normandy battles, and release new battles every two months afterwards. The game was designed by game developers as well as table-top strategy game designers, which may help it stand out on the App Store.

Time Left: 27 Days
Kickstarter Page

Guns N Zombies

Yes, it’s another zombie game, but just watch the video to see the quality graphics and glorious ultraviolence on display in this title. The enemies are particularly noteworthy, with pulsing blisters, spikes for arms, and other awesome grossness. It may not be totally original, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Time Left: 23 Days
Kickstarter Page

Goblin Grand Prix!

Goblin Grand Prix is a turn-based game of racing and destruction. The chief inspiration for it is the board game RoboRally. Gameplay is asynchronous, so you can play in multiplayer matches with up to 8 people, and you can take your time to plan out your moves.

Days Left: 28
Kickstarter Page


The makers of Kingcraft are billing the game as “Fire Emblem meets real-time strategy.” With blocky Minecraft-inspired graphics and gameplay that meshes turn-based and real-time strategy ideas, it could turn out to be a total mess. Or it could bring a breath of fresh air to the genre. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Time Left: 23 Days
Kickstarter Page

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  1. Goblin Grand Prix is our Kickstarter! Please take a look and help out if you can! We’d love to have more people along with us for the ride!

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