Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD Released for iPad 2

Telltale Games, the makers of the Back to the Future and Hector series of games, have just released an adventure game based on Jurassic Park. There’s a big “but” coming, however. Don’t bother downloading the game unless you have an iPad 2, as that’s the only device it will run on. But if you’re a fan of Crichton’s classic and you have the proper technology, you can buy the game here for $6.99.

The game is set during the events of the first movie, but it stars characters that we either don’t see onscreen in the film, or are only shown briefly. Like most of Telltale’s titles on iPad, the story in Jurassic Park will be told in episodes, so prepare to buy more of these apps in the future if you enjoy the story and gameplay.

If you recall from our preview article earlier this year, Telltale has a number of other adventure franchises in the works, including King’s Quest, Fables, and The Walking Dead. We’ll have a full review of Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD as soon as possible.

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