Is PopCap About To Announce A Plants Vs Zombies Sequel?

Our formal invitation from PopCap’s zombies has arrived, and it seems to confirm that we won’t be seeing news of a sequel. The invitation states, “We want to show you our new Plants and Zombiez game on Xbox thingie.”

An Xbox Live version of the game has been confirmed before, and we were hoping to see what’s new for the series at this event. We’ll be attending the event in two weeks’ time, and will let you know if there’s any iPhone or iPad news to report.

We just received a very intriguing email from PopCap Games, makers of Plants vs Zombies, our only winner of both iPhone and iPad Game of the Month awards. This “save the date” email suggests to us a press event where we’ll hear about what’s next for the series, like a possible sequel.

A sequel or add-on certainly makes sense for PopCap, who has seen huge sales from Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone. This press event could also be to give an update of the game on Xbox Live, which was announced over a year ago.

With its extensive cast of characters and overwhelming critical and commercial success, we think Plants vs Zombies 2, or an add-on similar to Peggle Nights, would be great. We’re just hoping it comes to the iPhone and iPad a bit sooner than the eight-month wait we had to endure the first time around.

We’ll have more information on this press event in early August.

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