iPhone Peggle Rumored Soon

Like the motion of the tides, the cycles of the moon, and the gradual heat death of the universe, so goes the inevitable porting of Popcap Games’ casual smash hit Peggle to new platforms. Now, according to Wired, it’s the iPhone’s turn!

GameLife’s Earnest Cavelli reports that Popcap recently posted a short message on its Twitter feed (since redacted) indicating that Peggle would hit the App Store in “the first half of the year,” along with several other unnamed iPhone projects. Fingergaming speculates that a March timeframe is most likely, since that’s when the XBLA and DS versions of the game are due.

For those unfamiliar, Peggle’s sort of a pachinko-pinball hybrid where you aim and drop balls from the top of the screen. The goal is to hit and remove all the orange pegs from each level, and there are lots of bonus goals to shoot for as well. You can give the free Web version a go here to get a better idea. We freaking love this game, and we can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out on the iPhone.

[from Wired and Fingergaming]

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