iPhone Game of the Month, June 2010: Super Quickhook

It’s been a solid month for iPhone gaming with gems like The Package, Pix’n Love Rush, and Carcassonne, and based on our previews from WWDC and E3, it’s going to get even better as the year goes on. But in June, one game was good enough to keep us entertained while waiting on line for the Nintendo 3DS– a two-hour wait that passed in a flash because we had Super Quickhook on our iPhone.

Super Quickhook is the spiritual successor to Hook Champ. Instead of swinging only through caves, SQH moves the action outdoors. Through a variety of terrain you’ll explore secret routes, pick up coins and hidden food, and unlock snazzy new gear.

As fun as this game is in single-player, it really shines in duel mode. You can challenge a friend through OpenFeint, sending them an invitation to beat your best score on a level. As you play, you’ll see their ghost racing you, giving the illusion of a live match. If you want to challenge us in Super QuickHook, we’re always up for a duel- just add SlideToPlay to your OpenFeint friend list.

Our runner-up for June is Fragger, a pick-up-and-play physics game that plays like Angry Birds with grenades. An iTunes chart topper this month, we wholly endorse Fragger’s universal appeal. Its simple premise: lob a grenade at just the right angle to blow apart the bad guys. Level become increasingly challenging, to the point where you’re aiming for tiny openings and solving physics puzzles with your grenades.

Congratulations to Rocketcat Games and Miniclip for making these incredible games this month. Here’s to a long summer of fun.

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