iPad Mini With Retina Display Now on Sale

Here’s some news that ought to whip your blood into a froth of holiday buying frenzy (if your blood wasn’t in that state already): the iPad mini with Retina display is now on sale. Apple hadn’t previously announced a specific release date for the tablet, except to say we could expect it by November.

Prices for the iPad mini Retina start at $399.00 USD for the 16 GB Wi-Fi model. The 32 GB model is listed for $499.00, the 64 GB for $599.00, and for those of you that like space to stretch out, the 128 GB can be yours for $699.00.


The cellular models of the iPad mini Retina begin at $529.00 USD for 16GB, all the way up to $829.00 for 128 GB’s of storage.

The Wi-Fi models should be ready to ship in one to three days, while the cellular models won’t be going out for another week or so. Nevertheless, these handsome little fellows are guaranteed to sell out quickly, so now’s the time to order.

[via TechCrunch]

3 thoughts on “iPad Mini With Retina Display Now on Sale

      • ya i got my 64gb 4S at launch. i thought i’d never fill it up with apps/games but boy was i wrong. im waiting to see what apple comes up with next year. but im steadily losing interest in any iphone products at this point. saw a sick deal for an HTC One 32gb for $30. might jump on that. its just that ive invested too much in the apple landscape.

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