Inotia 2 Devs Prepping Ranger Class

We’ve added clarification from Com2Us that the Ranger addition will be part of a free update, separate from other paid character buffs like extra inventory space.

Developer Com2uS has sent word to us that they are currently working on an update for their action-RPG Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone, released earlier this month. The major change being implemented in the update is the addition of an all-new class that players will be able to use in their party, the Ranger.

The Ranger will be a ranged, high-damage fighter that is said to attack from a distance like a Magician, but deal damage like a Thief. This brings Inotia’s class total to six: Ranger, Thief, Magician, Knight, Templar, and Priest.

The Luone Ranger.

While the Ranger addition will be part of a free update, other perks will only be available through in-app purchases. Soon, a variety of character buffs can be bought from the new store, including extra bag space and stronger mercenaries.

The update is on track for a projected release sometime in early February.

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