Infinity Blade II Adds 5.7 Million New Players Thanks to Sale

Here’s a scientific fact that may shock you: It turns out not every owner of an iOS device has played Infinity Blade II. Well, Chair Entertainment’s popular action-RPG built a new rung in its ladder to utter domination thanks to last week’s App Store birthday sale. Infinity Blade II was one of the games that dropped to “Free,” which secured 5.7 million new players within seven days.

Chair’s publicist, Laura Mustard, says that 1.7 million of those downloads happened on the first day of the sale. That’s three times what Infinity Blade II gets in a week at its normal price of $6.99 USD. Infinity Blade II also offers optional in-app purchases, and surely a few of its new recruits will shell out a little pocket change.

Mustard also mentioned that sales of the original Infinity Blade spiked during the sale, even though the game remained at its original $5.99 price tag. There was even a 70% increase in sales of Infinity Blade: Awakening, a $2.99 e-book that links the plots of the two games.

Strong numbers all around, and a good indication that while Infinity Blade: Dungeons has been cancelled, the franchise remains strong.

[via AllThingsD]

5 thoughts on “Infinity Blade II Adds 5.7 Million New Players Thanks to Sale

  1. Man, IB:D would’ve raked in the money! The sale and publicity had me updating both apps and reinstalling them to get back into them. I even redownloaded Epic Citadel because I wanted to venture through that world again. Wonder if the soundtrack had a spike in sales too.

  2. Although I haven’t played IB2, yet – I absolutely did download it once it became FREE! (Infinity Blade 1 is an absolute must-have and I hear ONLY rave reviews about part 2, so I will def. get around to it)

    I’ve been hooked on Dungeon Hunter 4 for the past couple of wks now, which links right back to why the Infinity Blade franchise really NEEDS to bring back & finish their idea for Infinity Blade: Dungeons, ASAP!!!

    … 5.7 MILLION new players in just 1 wk are waiting!

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