Infinity Blade Gets an Update

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Infinity Blade 2, Epic has released an update to the original Infinity Blade that introduces new items and a new enemy to the game. It’s not much, but it does drum up excitement for the sequel.

There’s nothing big or flashy about this update– you get new equipment to buy and a new enemy called the Rookbane– but what people really want are new environments and areas to explore. We’d love to see them add some more substantial content to the game for free, but in all likelihood we’ll just have to wait for Infinity Blade 2 for that.

They’ve also added two new links to the menu screen. One brings you to the Infinity Blade 2 website, while the other takes you to the iBookstore, where you can buy or download a sample of Brandon Sanderson’s “Infinity Blade: Awakening” novella, which continues the story from the original game. We read the sample, and it seems like a fun and bloody tale that fleshes out the barebones story of the game.

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