Infinity Blade: Dungeons Development ‘On Hold’

Bad news, everyone. Epic Games announced today that they’re closing Impossible Studios and putting development of Infinity Blade: Dungeons “on hold.”

No reason is given, but Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney says, “It was a bold initiative and the Impossible folks made a gallant effort, but ultimately it wasn’t working out for Epic.” As for the Impossible Studios employees, they’ll be given three months’ severance pay and the option to start a new company using the Impossible Studios name and logo in the future.

That’s all the news for now. You can read our hands-on preview of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, and hope for good tidings in the future.

  • pholly

    Really, one of the few iOS games I’ve ever been anticipating might not come out. I guess they’re spending all their money making another tired GOW game.

  • Drkrelic

    Was waiting for this game for a couple of years…

  • cristi

    oh no, not this game!!!!!!!! f…k

  • ion677

    Really this makes apple look bad, since they showed footage of it at last years ipad events.

  • Xavier Milnič

    Bad news :-/ But I looking forward to Overkill 2! This will be great game for long evenings 8-)

  • Franko

    Come oooon Apple,give’em a few $ to finish this that all of us were waiting for!!!

  • Erik Carlson

    This makes very little sense on the outside, seeing as how much money and investment of capital Epic put into Impossible Studios. Epic saved a lot of the developers from the fallout of 38 Studios mammoth implosion and then formed Impossible Studios. Dungeons must be a terrible game for them to do this after so much time and development.

  • Сергей Игоревич

    The game looked like shit anyway. Noone cares

    • Franko

      Maybe on your iphone 1 but on new phones or pads it looks great.

  • PrimeConcern

    Ahhh it’s a real shame, this app was placed on “hold” … but well, at least it wasn’t CANCELED. Hopefully after they figure out all the legalities w/ the studios, Apple gets to work on completing this game ASAP.

    Infinity Blade is superior franchise and this trailers gameplay looks outstanding!