Infinity Blade: Dungeons Officially Dead

In our heart of hearts, we knew the news was coming. Now it’s official. Infinity Blade: Dungeons for iOS has been officially canned by Epic Games. Its death certificate was delivered by Chair Entertainment co-founder Donald Mustard on episode 17 of the Epic Games podcast.

We had a sad hunch that the top-down dungeon crawler was sickly when it kept missing release dates. It was finally put on indefinite hold last winter after the closure of its development studio, Impossible Games.

According to Mustard, Dungeons may be dead, but the Infinity Blade franchise will continue to thrive. “There’s more that we at Chair are totally planning to do with the Infinity Blade universe,” Mustard said. “More games, more books, maybe even other products. And we are very excited about that.”

If the news has you down, don’t despair. Infinity Blade II is temporarily free to mark the 5th anniversary of the App Store, so grab it. Lots of other great games have gone free-to-play as well.

[Source: Epic Games via Polygon]

5 thoughts on “Infinity Blade: Dungeons Officially Dead

  1. FFS this looked great and I was looking forward to it. Most important question is WHY?! Seriously I want to know, because what they’ve shown to us looked very good and many, MANY people were waiting for this game.

    • Chair has very high standards for their games. If it wasn’t up to those standards, it might be for the best that it got nixed.

  2. While this is definitely a huge letdown (considering the Infinity Blade franchise is the absolute standard by which all medieval games must be measured! and an actual free-walking world version would be so greatly anticipated) … /SIGH/ …

    Ah well, UNTIL then, at least we have DUNGEON HUNTER 4

    (I am “immortal_eclipse” look for me in multiplayer mode)

  3. The story of how we even got to this point is pretty fascinating, and even starts with the failure of a X-Box game from couple of years ago. I just have this strange feeling that there’s an even deeper story of why this was cancelled.

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