Hidden Object Game Includes Online Multiplayer, Voice Chat

Voice chat seems like a logical feature to include in our iPhone games, seeing as how we’re making phone calls on the thing all the time. Now a new Hidden Object game from Big Fish Games called Big City Adventure San Francisco is letting you smack-talk your opponents over 3G, Edge, and Wi-Fi.

Originally a PC game, the iPhone and iPad versions of Big City Adventure San Francisco use a voice chat technology called Z2 Live. It takes place in San Francisco, with historical facts that you unlock as you locate hidden objects.

We played an early version of Big City Adventure San Francisco back in March, but at the time the voice chat feature wasn’t working correctly. As the technology for mobile gaming voice chat continues to evolve, we’re sure it won’t be long before you’re yelling “pownage!” at a defeated enemy as frightened onlookers slowly step away from you at the bus stop.

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