Hero of Sparta 2 Launching Tomorrow?

It looks like we jumped to the wrong conclusion yesterday by assuming that the countdown timer on the Hero of Sparta website indicated the game’s release date. What it did count down to, however, gives us a solid release date and lots of cool stuff for the game.

It turns out that the countdown was for the launch of Hero of Sparta 2’s official website. The new site brings with it three downloadable music tracks from the game, a slew of new screenshots, and an epic new trailer (below) that has us pumped for the game. Also announced was the game’s official launch date: July 29. Assuming things go as planned, you won’t have to wait too long before slashing your way through some of Greek mythology’s most dangerous beasts.

If our eyes aren’t deceiving us, the countdown timer on Gameloft’s official Hero of Sparta website seems to indicate that Hero of Sparta 2 is set to launch tomorrow.

We came away impressed after our hands-on time with the game a couple months ago, so we are anxious to try out the final version. While you endure the wait for some mythological creature-slashing goodness on your iPhone and iPad, check out our hands-on gameplay video and the official trailer.

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