Halfbrick Reveals Upcoming Banana Arcade Mode for Fruit Ninja

That was fast! The new update for Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD is now available, so go download it now and slice up some bananas in the new arcade mode!

Halfbrick has finally pulled back the curtain on its top-secret “Banana” mode update for Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD. The new mode, Arcade Mode, is a 60-second time attack with a variety of interesting power-ups.

In Arcade Mode, which will be a free update released in early November for Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD, players will have 60 seconds to receive a high score from chopping fruit. During this time, bombs will deduct from your high score, and special colorful bananas will fly up to give you certain abilities.

These include temporarily doubling your points, slowing down time, or filling the screen with a rush of fruit. You’ll also receive up to three awards, which give you bonus points, and there will be a new weekly leaderboard for this mode.

Check out the trailer for Arcade Mode below. When it hits the App Store, we think it’ll be enough to bring us back to Fruit Ninja yet again.

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