Gunner Z Hits the App Store

BitMonster, the developer of the sweet, colorful game Lili, has just released a demonic zombie slaughter-fest of a game called Gunner Z. The game, fueled by plentiful ammunition and thundering destruction, is free to play, and can be downloaded right here.

The game has a night vision aesthetic, and puts you in control of a zombie-sweeping truck that goes on rounds to eradicate the undead from the city. You control a gun turret mounted on top of the truck, which is pretty a clever set-up for an on-rails shooter. As you play, of course, you can upgrade your gear either by grinding or spending real-life money. If that sounds cool to you, there’s no reason not to download Gunner Z.

  • Rothgarr

    Awesome, downloading now. Hopefully the IAPs are reasonable…

  • jeffyg3

    Was excited for this game. After playing for about 40 minutes I deleted it. It’s kinda mediocre, the gameplay gets monotonous quick. Meh. Another dissapointment

  • loading

    can’t pay if iphone is jailbroken. won’t be missing much as it seems