Gunner Z Announced, Looks Great

BitMonster, the makers of the family-friendly adventure game Lili have just released a trailer for their next game– and it’s very different beast. Called Gunner Z, this game puts you in charge of a truck-driven gun turret and has you sweep the city streets, eradicating hordes of undead. It looks mighty impressive.


Gunner Z sports night vision graphics like Zombie Gunship, but the action takes place from a perspective much closer to the ground. Your gun is attached to a truck by a boom arm, giving you a full range of view (if not movement). According to the developer, these aren’t your average dumb zombies. They’re soldiers in a military plot, and they fight alongside drones, turrets, and huge undead beasts.

The trailer promises loads of weapons and upgrades, all powered by the Unreal Engine. The price and release date have yet to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Gunner Z Announced, Looks Great

  1. Some about the way it loos blows me away. It’s like the frame rate is really high or something. looks real :/

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