Gunman Clive on 3DS Outsells iOS and Android Versions

Bertil Hörberg, the developer behind the excellent side-scrolling shooter Gunman Clive, has confirmed over Twitter that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, available on the system’s eShop, has outsold both the iOS and Android versions.



While Hörberg doesn’t give specific sales numbers, this news caught us a little off guard. One reason is because way, way more iOS and Android devices have been sold than 3DSes. To get a basic idea, the 3DS had sold about 29 million, while the iPhone alone has sold over 250 million. Add in iPads, iPod Touches, and Android devices, and the 3DS sales surely look minuscule in comparison.

Many factors could account for the difference in Gunman Clive’s sales, however. For one, the eShop has far fewer games available on it than the App Store and Google Play stores, giving it less competition. Also, the challenging nature of the game may appeal more to customers who purchased a dedicated gaming device.

Any way you look at it, the sales of Gunman Clive go against the common perception that mobile is where the money is for game developers. In any case, we can attest that Gunman Clive is a terrific game that anyone who grew up in the 8- or 16-bit eras will probably enjoy. If you haven’t played it yet, pick it up on the platform of your choice and give it a spin.

6 thoughts on “Gunman Clive on 3DS Outsells iOS and Android Versions

  1. I have uninstalled it cause it doesn’t even support iPhone 5 screen, and touch response is soooo poor in this game… Terrific controls

  2. Not all iphone users play games or platformers for that matter. Id like to see some metrics that nail down how many iphone users actually play games, and not casual gaming.

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