Updated: Gun Bros 2 Trailer Released

Gun Bros 2 is almost ready to launch on the App Store! According to Glu, It’ll launch on both the Mac and iOS App Stores simultaneously the week of February 21. The most impressive new features we’ve seen so far are the addition of vehicles and boss fights, so we’ll be playing right at launch to let you know if this sequel is as good as the original.

Glu has released a trailer for their upcoming game Gun Bros 2, the sequel to one of our favorite freemium shooters from 2010. The game is already live in beta form on the Canadian App Store, but it’s coming to the rest of the world soon. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer below.

Gun Bros 2 is a twin-stick shooter that stars two beefy brothers named Francis and Percy. They love their right to bear arms, so you can equip them with all manner of weaponry, from pistols to rocket launchers to lasers. But if it’s anything like the first game, the best (and most ridiculous) munitions will cost real-life green. They’ve added vehicles this time around, as well as a weapons modding system.

If you’re intrigued, you can try out the first Gun Bros (which we gave a Must Have score in our review) by clicking here. Look for Gun Bros 2 to hit the App Store soon.

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