Grim Joggers and Protoxide are Free Today

It seems like every day good iOS games go free, and today is no exception. Today you can download the darkly comic endless runner Grim Joggers and the F-Zero-style racer Protoxide: Death Race for a whole bunch of nothin’. Read on for details.

Grim Joggers is one of our favorite endless runners, partly because you control not one but a number of runners. They all run automatically, and they all jump and double-jump when you tap the screen. Along the way you’ll inevitably lose joggers to spikes, bombs, and murderous robots, but your score depends on how far you can make it before the last one falls. It’s funny, it’s fun, and today it’s free. Read our review and download the game here.

The other free game is Protoxide: Death Race, a futuristic hovercraft racer along the lines of Wipeout or F-Zero. Like in many racers, you want to be first to cross the finish line, but this one also includes power-ups like shields, speed boosts, and an array of heavy-duty firepower that unleashes automatically when you lock onto an opponent. Unfortunately, multiplayer is local-only, but with all the stuff that’s included at no cost at all today, you probably won’t complain. Read our review and download the game here.

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